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Environmentalism-How Pack Rats Help to Save The Planet

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

People give pack rats a hard time. “Why do you save all that crap?”, people ask. Because I might need it later, and it is perfectly useful. There is enough stuff going to landfills without putting useful stuff there too. Do you work for the pro-garbage league? Do you get a kick out of destroying everything?

I am a pack rat, and I often have conversations like this with “haste wasters”, the opposite of pack rats, the people who value empty space over saving useful stuff until they need it. In my collection, I have 20 pairs of shoe laces, 23 square yards of fabric that will some day be used to make a five-ply quilt, 15 pairs of scissors, 4 box fans rescued from the curb, 5 sheets of ply-wood, 704 blank envelopes of different shapes and colors, 10 patched bicycle inner tubes, a dozen elastic bands cut off worn out underwear, two industrial size rolls of bubble wrap and 27 cardboard boxes I will use when I move to a new house. The pack rat lifestyle is all about planning ahead. Before you commit anything to a land fill, think to yourself, “Does this have the potential to be useful, to anyone, at anytime in the future?” If you can honestly answer no, then by all means, chuck it. But don’t lie about it, the earth probably knows where you live.