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Thursday, December 17th, 2009

In the Christmas Rush, there is a lot of shipping and receiving. Below is my email to the United States Postal Service about how they could easily improve their Track & Confirm system by using more consumer-friendly language instead of just shop talk:

This message pertains to the Track & Confirm system available on

The phrases “Arrival at Pick-Up-Point” and ” … ready for pickup” as used in your Track & Confirm system are confusing to consumers. This language makes it seem like we may be able to go to a post office location and pickup our package. Based on the information I could find online, this is not the case. With terms like this, that I am assuming are part of USPS shop talk, it would be helpful to have them defined on your site somewhere, or use consumer-friendly language instead. For example “ready for pickup”, could instead be represented as “waiting for carrier pickup”. With a few extra words, the reader knows that it will not be him doing the picking up, but a USPS employee.

The whole point of the Track & Confirm system is to build consumer confidence in your product. When information is incomplete or ambiguous it has the opposite effect. In my effort to find the definition of these terms, I found numerous threads online about this confusing language, but no clear answer. I also went to the FAQ section of the site to the Glossary, and was disappointed to find that these terms were not included. In any case, the Glossary of Terms pertaining to the Track & Confirm process should be available on the Track & Confirm page and not three clicks away.

I do appreciate the Track & Confirm system in general. Technically it seems to work great. The only problem is with the language being used to describe the process to consumers. It needs to be defined more clearly, as in a Glossary of Terms, or written more clearly in the first place. Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays!