One Million Steps to Greatness part 2

(51) Go to hallway. (52) Push down button. (53) Get in elevator. (54) Step sideways to allow space for lawyers in elevator. (54a) Smell seven different brands of cologne. (54b) Start to feel sick from the smell of cologne. (55) Ask copy editor if he knows what group of professionals typically has wives and lovers that are dirty rotten whores. (55a) Wait for the copy editor to shrug his shoulders. (56) Say “Lawyers”. (57) Watch daylight appear between the elevator doors. (58) Punch your way through the vaporous cloud of stink. (59) Run outside. (59a) Wait for the copy editor around the corner. (60) Ask the copy editor what took him so long. (61) Listen to the copy editor tell you the lawyers didn’t like your joke. (62) Say it wasn’t a joke. That it can be proven with math. (63) Take out notepad. (63a) Write down the logarithm used to explain the whorish nature of lawyers’ wives. (63b) Show it to the copy editor. (64) Watch the copy editor nod his head in agreement. (65) Walk up to counter. (66) Tell the hostess that four more people are on the way. (67) Sit down at the table. (68) Order a diet coke. (69) Order onion rings. (70) Order seared tuna. (71) Eat food. (72) Make conversation with coworkers about world events. (73) Act like a caring person. (74) Ask for a second diet coke. (75) Look at watch. (76) Realize you are late for a meeting with the production manager. (77) Pay bill. (78) Run back to office.

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