Golfer Spotted on Bus–
Going Green?

During a recent bus ride I spotted a golfer on the bus. Are green marketing tactics finally affecting people? Or is the economy so bad that even golfers, a species once famous for driving fancy cars and being really cool, are being forced to cut corners like every one else.

This brings up a great point though.* Could going green actually save us money? Yes, and being a cheap skate is the greatest immediate logistical reason to go green. Barack Obama is right about checking our tire pressure, but this is only the beginning.

I propose we have separate buses for the rich. While this harbinger pictured below was willing to swallow his pride and cram on the shame train with the rest of us, golf clubs and all, most golfers are not willing to make this sacrifice. Having separate “Rich Person Motor Coaches” (a normal bus repainted to look like wood paneling) would encourage them to conserve resources by using semi-public transportation. It would also mean less drunk golfers on the road, fewer pedestrian casualties, and as a result fewer people in the hospital using up electricity to run their life support mechanisms. This would snowball into a giant slip ‘n’ slide of environmental savings. Let’s do it.

If I can change, and golfers can change, we all can change.

*NOTE: This does not “beg the question“. If you thought it did, please click on the link and do some reading, so that next time you are in a meeting, you can use this phrase correctly and not degrade this language any further. Thank you.

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