The Moment of Truth Returns August 28 on FOX

It has been months since the season finale of The Moment of Truth on FOX. I knew something had been missing from my weekly routine and on August 28, 2008 I can get back to feeling good about myself, by comparing myself to the scumbags on this show. Great.

There is something amazing about a show that pays people to ruin their lives on national television. This isn’t some Real World garbage, where at the end they shake hands and go their separate ways. These people are ruining their real lives that they have to go home to at the end of the show. Any honest person will tell you they love gossip, and this show is like rocket powered gossip that sells crack to grade school kids and then screws every person in your office. Good job FOX. No one knows as much about being a big sack of scumbags like FOX does, just ask Nas.

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