What I Haven’t Seen Before- Part 1

1. A lamp made of candy

2. A space train to the moon

3. The largest bale of snakes on the east coast

4. Eyeball stew

5. A sailboat popping a wheelie

6. The man with a mustache made of fingernails

7. Pinstripe Vodka

8. A person who can outsmart a computer

9. A monkey that can outsmart a person

10. A tuxedo made of garbage bags

NOTE: If either of the people who read my blog have seen any of this stuff, please let me know. We will corner the market and get rich the next day. Keep in touch. Thanks.

2 Responses to “What I Haven’t Seen Before- Part 1”

  1. Jmoney Says:

    A tuxedo made of garbage bags? what do you think homeless people wear? duh.

  2. Ted Says:

    You can knock number one off your list.

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